Understanding Online Casino Slot Machines

Casino slot machines in online casinos and land-based casinos are essentially the same - both are computerized robots. The big difference is that online slots also commonly known as online pokies can be played in the privacy of your own home, far removed from the noise and irritations encountered in live casinos. There is no need to worry about pickpockets, annoying smokers and obnoxious busy bodies. And if you want to play in your birthday suit, that too is o.k. Online you will encounter a large variety of casino slot machines you can select from. The choices are Single Line Slots, Multi-Line Slots, and Progressives, and within each group there is a multitude of styles, themes and designs. Online casinos have games to suit each individual's personal taste.

Single Line Slots
Single-line casino slot machines are the traditional and most basic type of slots available, they usually feature 3-reels with a center pay line. These slot games are the simplest to understand. Coin requirements can be anywhere between 5 cents to $5 dollars. Wins are determined if a winning combination of 3 symbols appear on the centerline. Payouts for the various symbols are clearly displayed on the machine.

Multi-Line Slots
These casino slot machines are slightly more complex than single line slots, because there are more ways winning combinations can be made. Rather than payouts occurring only on a single line, multi-line slots allow for combinations on up to nine lines. Wins can on lines that are vertical, horizontal, diagonal or whichever way the machine is programmed to operate.

Video Slots
More recently we have seen the advent of 5 reel multi payline slots! Some games have 20 or even 25 paylines. You win more often playing these slots but with the cost per line, a bad run will see you losing your stake rather quickly! NOT for the faint hearted but HUGE fun.

Progressive Slots
Hitting the jackpot on progressive casino slot machines is what every slots player hopes for. The more money players put into a machine, the greater the jackpot grows until some lucky player hits the winning combination. Jackpots grow to such giant proportions because many machines in many casinos are linked, all contributing to the same enormous jackpot.

How Slots Operate
Online casino slot machines are run by computer program known as a random number generator, which controls the payouts. The random number generator does just that. It generates numbers at random, which translate into winning and losing symbol combinations on the lines. There is no way to predict when or how much a machine will pay. Just focus on money managing strategies, hope to win and enjoy the game.

Winning Slot Tips
The most important advice for playing online casino slot machines has to do with looking after your money. It is crucial to know when to leave a machine and how to play for optimal winnings. For every session, set a goal; maybe 25 percent more than you started out with. When you hit that goal, stop playing and call it a day.

Introduction to Online Texas Holdem
Welcome to the wonderful world of online Texas hold'em! In the online game, you'll find all the excitement you find in live Texas hold'em, without the inconvenience of travelling to the casino and without having to tip anybody. You may also have to make some adjustments if you are used to playing live hold'em or stud.

New Players to Online Texas Hold'em
If you've never played Texas hold'em before, online at a US poker site is a great place to start. Some people are reluctant to enter a live card room for the first time because they are not quite sure they will know what to do.

Online, everything is in an easy to understand graphic interface. You may wish to begin by playing free money games, something you can't do at a live casino. Use these games to get a feel for how the action goes and then move to freerolls or small stakes games. Before long, you'll be playing like a regular.