Slot Machines - A Timeline

In 1891, a machine which draws poker hands was invented by Pitt and Sittman from New York. This carries card symbols (spade, hearts and diamonds),these were initially installed in drinking saloons and could win you a free beer.

The 'officially recognized' slot machines are an invention of a German immigrant in 1895. He was a car mechanic who settled in San Francisco. This mechanical machine was then named the Liberty Bell. This is made of 100 or so pounds of cold cast iron. It is composed of three spinning reels with symbols like spade, diamond, heart, and the winning symbol is a cracked Liberty Bell. Three of such symbol would give off fifty cents, such a hefty amount during those times.

In 1907, Herbert Mills derived Operator Mills from Fey's initial design. The same mechanism, only with different designs. The designs include the fruits and the '7' that we now see today.

By the time Bugsy Siegel moved the slot machines to his Flamingo hotel, it became the new apple of the eyes of the wives and girl friends of his rich clients. This is around the '50s already.

During the '60s with Bob Dylan, the slot machines became electric. This became more secured. The rings and the coin hoppers became more as a standard of slot machines.

The '70s was not only the time of wrap dresses and peace symbols, but also the time when slots are attached with microchips and random number generator. This made the profits tighter for the casinos since the machines cost much more. However, the cost was lowered to accommodate more casinos who would like to put as many slot machines as possible in their casinos. The competition grows tougher and that companies are always looking for more innovations.

For a few more years, such machines are used. By the '80s the Internet is already in incubation. A few more years after, the Internet has made its way to our offices, and eventually to our homes. With it, came more slot machine innovations.

Today, slot machines are as popular as before. With online casinos, slot machines are still growing with its players. And can and will continue to accommodate players, all around the world. Slot machines have indeed moved together with all the changes that technology is able to offer. It has gone from rough drinking saloons, to sophisticated casinos up to our modest homes. 

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