Profitable Online Video Poker Strategy

How to turn $30 into $8,000

Bonus Poker

In my ongoing search for a profitable online video poker strategy, I recently managed to turn a $30 deposit at Slotocash Casino into winning well in excess of $8,000.

How did I manage this amazing feat? With lots of luck, for sure; but my method of play also had a lot to do with it. The video poker on line machines can be played from 1 cent up to $5 a hand. Being able to change denomination with just a click is a handy feature when playing my online video poker strategy. You can do this without having to change machines.

Slotocash Casino has a wide variety of video poker machines to choose from. My favorites are Deuces Wild, Double Bonus and Jacks or Better, in that order. The games are available in up to 100 hand versions!

Since this was the first time I played my online video poker strategy at Slotocash Casino, I received an immediate $120 match bonus with my $30 initial deposit, giving me $150 to start with. Their current maximum is $600 -- deposit $150, receive $600 free.

Back to winning. Before investing my money, I played for free, in "practice mode", to see what's available and how the games work. Then I employed my online video poker strategy:

  • I played maximum coins on triple-play machines, the coin denomination depended on how much money (how many coins) I had available. My strategy is to have at least 1,000 coins to play in any denomination. This means I need $100 (1,000 dimes) to play at the 10-cent level. $250 (1,000 quarters) for the 25-cent level, $500 (1,000 half dollars) to play at the 50-cent level, and I play dollars whenever my bankroll grows to over the $500 mark.
  • Since I had $150 (1,200 quarters) I started at the triple-hand Deuces Wild machine at the 25-cent level.
  • It wasn't long before I dropped to below $100 and had to switch to dimes. In short order I was dealt a Wild Royal. The payoff for three Wild Royals allowed me to play for quarters again, where, before long my bankroll increased to above $250 and I switched to half dollars.
  • Playing at that level, a few times I'd get slightly above the $500 mark; at that point I'd click to dollars for a hand or two, only to be forced back to 50 cents again. But eventually I did manage to stay at the $1 game for a while, and that's when it happened, I lined up a Royal Flush for $4,000!
  • I now had total credits of about $4,600. I resolved to cash out if I dropped to $4,030 -- that would return my original $30 deposit and give me a clear profit of $4,000. It meant I could gamble carefree with better than $550. I decided to play at the $2 level (that's $30 per hand), no matter what.
  • I figured the Deuces Wild game had given me all it's going to give for a while, so I switched to Jacks or Better. A couple of Three-of-a-Kind's kept me about even, but nothing more. Then I went to Double Bonus video poker.
  • With that pay table, and playing online video poker strategy at the $2 level, all I needed was another visit from Lady Luck. I hit several Four-of-a-Kinds, one Straight Flush and eventually Four Aces. That payoff brought my credits to well over $8,000. At that point I went to "cashier" and asked for an $8,000 check.
  • Presently I am still recycling that extra balance. Playing at the $1 level, I've been as high as $800 and as low as $300. I will probably not repeat such a lucky streak, but it was great fun!

You can download Slotocash Casino and practice the online video poker strategy for free. Then if you decide to play for real, do what I did, risk a minimal amount and hope you have the same luck I had.

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