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The more you know about online slots play and online slots casinos the smarter you'll be. Winning players are informed players. Follow an online slots guide, learn about online slot machines, progressive jackpots and all other pertinent information. Take advantage of free online gambling money and double your slot playing dollars. In addition to reading all the information on this site, we recommend a visit to the Slots Casinos Guide who have a wealth of online slots and software reviews for you to read.

Online slots play is fun and, if you're lucky, quite profitable. There are many different online slot casinos. Your best strategy is to play slot for free at many casinos, until you find out which ones you like best. Fairness, honesty, and reliability are three key factors to consider. All online slot casinos advertised on this web site are reputable, trustworthy and offer a very safe casino gambling experience.

Also check out the online slot casinos customer support section. It is important that there is someone within reach, should a question arise. Customer service has to be readily available, either with an 800 number or by live online chat.

There are a bewildering array of Internet slot machines to choose from. Here are examples of the 5 most common types of machines, along with online slots play tips and casinos where you can find these machines:

Frost bite 3 reel slot machine

Three-Reel Slot Machine at Roxy Palace

Three-reel slot machines have three reels and one pay-line. These are simplest online slots, usually with a modest jackpot, but better than average payout frequency. Check the paytable, if maximum coins pays more than double then make sure you play maximum coins (better odds)

High Rollers Multi-line Slot Machine

Multi-Line Slot Machine at Palace of Chance Casino

Multi-line slot machines have three reels, but several pay lines. More pay lines mean more ways to win on each and every spin. Multi-line slots have a higher hit rate because there are more ways to win. It is generally better to play maximum coins as the jackpot is usually initiated by maximum coin play

Cash Splash progressive slot machine

Progressive Slot Machine at Lucky Emperor Casino

Looking for a big progressive jackpot? Choose one of the popular progressive slot machines, often with jackpots over $1000,000. You get 2 types of progressives, In-house progressives unique to a casino or Network progressives shared across the software. Network progressives grow far faster

Bonus feature slot machine - TombRaider

Bonus Feature Slot Machine at Virtual City Casino

Bonus feature machines include free bonus spins or a bonus round with extra prizes, all of which add extra excitement. There is usually a second screen where you have a chance to win additional money. It is generally accepted that playing maximum coins is the way to go because that way the jackpot can be won

5 Reel Slot Machine - Goldbeard

Five-Reel Slot Machine at Slotocash Casino

Five-reel slot machines have from 5 to 25 pay lines, with chances to win free spins and other bonus prizes. These slots originated in Australia, where they're known as "pokies". Again, maximum coins will result in you being able to win the jackpot. It would be harsh to hit a jackpot payline only to see you don't qualify

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As a reminder, there are several states that prohibit us casino players, and it is therefore in your own best interest to always make sure that you are aware of the laws that apply to where you play from.