The Tres Amigos Classic Casino Slot Machine

Tres Amigos Slot Machine from Golden Palace Online Casino

The name of this classic slot machine tells you that lining up the three amigos gets you the top jackpot. It's a Mexican-themed slot game where every win is announced with a mariachi trumpet blast. This is online slots play that's fun! Tres Amigos is the perfect three reel, one pay line slot game! You can bet either one or two coins in denominations from 5 cents to five dollars.

The Pay Table

1 Coin 2 Coins
1,200 2,500
500 1,000
200 400
100 200
75 150
50 100
25 50
5 10
2 4

Windows Casino's Tres Amigos is a classic slot machine featuring 3-reels, a single pay line and decent medium size prizes. If you are not lucky enough to get the jackpot, hitting one of the "middle of the board" payouts will keep you playing for a long time without worrying about having to deposit more money. There are no wild or double-up symbols. It's just a straight old-fashioned three reel machine where even the arm still moves when you activate the spin button. There are nine different pay combinations, of which the lowest are chillies instead of cherries.

Windows Casino's Tres Amigos has a maximum bet of 2 coins which makes your online slot play money go further and there is a relatively minor penalty for playing single coins. For one coin play the jackpot is 1,200 coins and for two coin play its 2,500 coins. All other payouts are doubled if you play two coins. All in all Tres Amigos is an enjoyable online classic slots machine.

Windows Casino

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