Slot Machine Odds

When you consider the slot machine, you imagine a series of reels with a certain number of images on each reel right? Well, that may have been true with the older slots but the new generation of slots are all about the computer chip. So, whereas before, a simple count of the number of images and reels would yield a calculated payout percentage, this is no longer true with the video slot.

What are the slot machine odds?

The slot machine odds are set by the casino. Don't worry, they are probably more loose now than ever! How it works is that the casino says it wants a return of say 4% on the machine. A program known as the RNG (Random Number Generator), then randomly dispenses results that, in the long haul, will yield a payout percentage of 96%. The casino thus get's the targeted 4%. With casinos at best reporting the payout of ALL slots, you can only check to see which casino is loose rather than which game.

So, what can I do to ensure I am playing at a loose casino?

Well, when playing online, you do have the benefit of choosing a casino rather easily (hey, it's only a mouse click after all). Many casinos have their payouts audited. A preview of the payout odds will assist in concluding whether a casino is tight or loose.

Tips and Tricks for finding a loose machine and casino

  1. Actually, this involves using a bit of logic. Consider casino A. It has 20 players and a budget of $1000 per month. Casino B has 50 players and a budget of $1000 per month. Obviously casino B will have more scope to payout higher than casino A and still reach its budget! So, what you are looking for is a larger, more well established casino where the player base is likely to be healthy. This way, you are sure that the casino is able to sustain a good payout percentage.
  2. If you are able to find a slots focussed casino that has a substantial playerbase, all the better. These casinos need to retain their players by maintaining good payout rates. Greed will put money in the pocket for one month but will ultimately lead to players leaving. Loyalty DOES come at a price after all. 3 such slots themed casinos are All Jackpots Casino, Vegas Slot Casino, and Slotocash Casino.
  3. Another bit of logic (borne out by audits) is that the higher the value of the bet, the higher the payout percentage. Simple economics dictates that a casino can recover a few cents more easily from a $1 machine than from a 5c machine. Higher denomination machines generally do thus have higher payouts.

Reality Bites

  • Oh, so we are saying that the results are generated by a Random Number Generator. What about those slots systems? In truth, there is nothing wrong with a good money management system or a playing strategy based on "get up and go". For a fact, you cannot predict results and there is no such thing as a machine thats due, or a machine that's all played out. You can hit 2 jackpots in a row or 10 blank spins in a row, the results are truly random.
  • Obviously the casino is geared to make a profit and with slots, it can set it's anticipated rate of return. This alone will tell you that, in the long run, you are going to lose as a slots player. Why play then? Well, isn't it always about the dream to win a big jackpot!
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