Online Video Poker Strategy

On average, in online video poker play, your odds of winning are much better than those on slot machines. Video poker online is a beatable game, but only if you play optimal video poker strategy; and you have to chose games with good payout tables. What am I talking about?

Firstly, let's discuss Video Poker Strategy

It's very important to realise just how precise a game video poker really is. You know how many cards are in your hand, how many are in the deck, which cards you hold, which ones remain, and most of all, you know what reward lies ahead should you draw a certain card. All this means that you can develop a poker strategy that will ride the best strategy and deliver a great average return over time. Yes, you will have bad runs but you will have good runs too. It's all about the return over the long haul. Below is a simplified strategy we ourselves play with. Try it when playing Jacks or Better and even some of the more exotic variations of the game. HINT - If you play at a microgaming casino like Spin Palace, they have mathematically accurate strategy tables built in that you can employ to play PERFECT strategy for you!

Your Cards Draw
4 of a kind or better 0-1 cards (keep all cards or trade in 5th if wild cards available)
4 cards to a royal 1 card
Full house or flush 0 cards (keep all your cards)
3 of a kind 2 cards
4 card straight flush 1 card
Straight 0 cards (keep all your cards)
2 pair 1 card
High pair 3 cards
3 cards to the royal 2 cards
4 card flush 1 card
Low pair 3 cards
4 card straight 1 card
3 card straight flush 2 cards
2 high cards 3 cards
1 high card 4 cards
Garbage 5 cards

Second, and equally important, Read the Pay Table.

The big advantage of video poker over ordinary slots is that the maximum payback can be determined from the payoff schedule, which is posted on every machine. No, you don't have to be a math professor. Once you know what to look for, you can instantly tell if a certain machine is worth playing. Then, a few hours practice can make you an expert at online video poker play. You can cut the house edge to less than one-half of one percent on the most common video poker game, known as Jacks or Better. If you want to play that game, look for a machine that pays 45 for a full house with a five coins bet. Avoid games that pay only 40 or 35 coins for a full house.

Don't play a Jacks or Better game where any of the payouts are less than what's shown here:

Hand One Coin Five Coins
Royal Flush 250 4,000
Straight Flush 50 250
Four of a Kind 25 125
Full House 9 45
Flush 6 30
Straight 5 25
Two Pair 2 10
Jacks or Better 1 5

Jacks or Better is the original, and perhaps easiest, video poker game to learn. I suggest newcomers to online video poker play start with this game. You will do much better if you learn to play Jacks or Better expertly before switching to other games, such as Deuces Wild.

They call video poker "the thinking player's slots". Try it, chances are you'll love it

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