Guide to winning online slots

Slot games are games of chance at least up to 80 percent. The rest 20 percent is the room in which you can position yourself to win either due to skill or strategy. As it is next to impossible to alter luck or chance, the only option one has when playing online slots is to do everything possible to alter the 20 percent that has to do with skill and strategy. It is this skill and strategy part that this article will help you to understand better and hopefully guide you to become a regular online slots winner. You can visit NetBet casino to put your newly found knowledge to test once you finish reading.

Play different games

The first trick in mastering online slots is not to limit yourself to one particular game. Rather you need to choose and familiarise yourself with at least four to five games. you need to make sure that the games you choose all have different variations i.e. you need to familiarise yourself with a progressive jackpot, a game with many wilds including sticky and expanding wilds, a game with many free spins, and a low variance game. You need to alternate between these games as you win or lose.

Check the RTP

The Return to Player (RTP) percentage is crucial for anyone playing online slots for profit. The RTP information is supplied by most casinos along with the game but in case the information isn't available, you can check review sites. When playing online slots, look for the games with a 95+ payout percentage as it doesn't augur well for you to play a game with 94 percent or below unless if it's your lucky game.

Bet the maximum

If the bankroll permits, the best thing for you is to place the maximum coin bet and pick all the available paylines. This is a great thing because it increases your chances of winning and you stand to benefit from other rewarding bonus rounds. In addition, it's beneficial also to go for games with more paylines for example, 20, 40 or even the 248 payline games.

Go for the games with the smallest jackpots

If you decide to pick one game or if you have a set of games you favour, you must play the game with the smallest jackpot the most. Games with small jackpots tend to spit out regular wins. Even if you receive small wins, the constant rate at which you win playing these games mean you stand to profit on the long run than playing progressive jackpots where you need to spend lots of money before the jackpot falls, a jackpot which might be hit by someone else.

Bankroll management

In order for you to win, you need to have the money to wager. That's where bankroll management comes in. it's important that you plan how your betting routine is going to be like for the week or for the day and you need to stick to it. Don't go about chasing loses if on a losing streak but always be objective and play according to your means.